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Data visualization based on match statistics of professional players from TOP 150 of both WTP and ATP competitions. The main view for both fields presents the tabular summary of players performance during the past 52 weeks. Except for the basic serve and return stats, it contains two own analysis - ratios calculated based on the game dominance, and the summary of performance regarding pre-match odds scenarios. You can choose the table dataset, sort it by any particular column or search the row with any ranked player.

Every player has own dedicated profile page with a dashboard visualizing the data in the form of graphic charts. The data can be visualized based on all the player's matches, or just on the selected surface, same as the table presenting every match competed by the player in the last 52 weeks.



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About TennisRatio

Tennis news and stories

Up-to-date news and the articles with thoughts about the topics around the tennis world. Daily recaps from the ongoing tournaments throughout the whole week, including own reports right from an action place of a few biggest tournaments during the season.

Every news contains links to TennisRatio profiles of players who are mentioned inside the topics of an article. You can search then for the updated matches stats and graphical presentation of player's performance.

Tennis data analysis

TennisRatio app aims to visualize the statistics, which describes performance of the best tennis players from the both WTA and ATP fields. The analysis allow to look at the whole field and see who performs the best in the areas of serve, return, who dominates their opponents the most during the matches, and who translates the game into the results efficiently.

Most attention has been paid for the player's profile dashboard, which visualizes the individual strengths and weaknesses graphically. The powerful graphics show the player's perfromance on particular surface visually and allow to compare it with any chosen opponent.

Technologies used

Python 3





Bootstrap 4